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Proven Ways to Rank your website Fast

The Very Basic and frequently asked question by your Client , If you’re doing client SEO is

“How long till my website (page) ranks on top of Google?”

And you know what ? The answer is not simple, keep reading

The Only response you can give is “ “It depends,” because there are just too many variables to consider: website strength, competition, budget, skills,  and so on


You must know Before analyzing ?

How Google Finds Your Website

First, it will be helpful to explain how Google finds sites to rank within its search engine pages.

They make and deploys special programs called ” bots” (also called  “spiders”) to crawl through millions of websites (and their pages and posts) each day.

These bots collect and catalog all of a website’s data and add it to an index of the entire worldwide web. you should always follow white hat SEO to be Genuine. 

Lear about White hat and Black hat SEO.

How Pages are Ranked

Here are certain basic factors that all the search engines use to help value a site and propel that site to the top of the rankings.

The perfectly optimized web page will have the right blend of keyword usage and high quality content that flows naturally.

The website will also have a lot of natural backlinks from external websites.  The search engine uses this information to determine which sites get ranked the highest.

The key components to SEO are:

  • Search engines love awesome content.  Google, in particular, is very kind to web pages with excellent content.
  • Search engines believe that when good websites link to you, your website must provide valuable content, therefore it’s trustworthy and deserves a higher ranking.
  • Focus On Page Optimization for Search Engines


Here are some of Proven Ways to Rank your website Fast .

  • Earn Domain authority and Page Authority

We can debate this for a while; since Google isn’t ever going to give us the clear answer to this information that we’re looking for (i.e. what determines a site’s authority and how is that weighted in Google’s overall algorithm).

However… we can look at real results and learn pretty quickly that there is an undeniable correlation between a competitive keyword’s top results and the corresponding website’s Domain Authority.

So, is Domain Authority does not directly affecting search results as a ranking signal.It increses ability to rank better for organic keywords.

learn (Proven way ): How to increase domain authority (quickly)?

  • Fresh and updated content ranks quickly.

Google uses very advanced and smart algorithm. It gives Priority to fresh content over old content as google always tries to give better users experience.

Updating older content works amazingly well when you also earn fresh links to the content.your goal should be to update your site in a timely manner that benefits users, with an aim of increasing clicks, user engagement, and fresh links. These are the clearest signals you can pass to Google to show that your site is fresh and deserving of high rankings.

  • Make use of Social media

Another very quick way to get Google on your side is to start building links on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. While high-quality linkbuilding can take a lot of time before you see results, you can link to new posts using a reputable social media account. You can also link to a newly created website on your social media profile and in posts to help build more links.

One added benefit of linking on social media is the fact that you can share public posts that link to your website, helping gain instant traffic or even shares that help you rank higher and faster. The more engaged people are with your social media posts, the more useful your linking will be.

  • link building should be done continuously.

Linking building should be continuous and consistent.Basically marketers give up link building after  few months.How long do most SEOs keep at it? About few months.

Link building is hard work and it takes long time to show result.All of the link building that you’re doing in the slow months of no progress is building a foundation for eventual ranking.

Your goal is to train Google, by continuing a pattern of high-quality links to your specific page. Google will eventually settle into a holding pattern.

  • Go deeper than the competition is going.

In some fields I have been lucky enough to find niche low volume keyword topics that bring in a couple searchers each day. The ongoing maintenance cost of this content has been negligible, but an added bonus for ranking for these long tail keywords is that some of the people who search for them are people who really care about those topics, and many of them link to our websites. And so my new sites start benefiting from the self reinforcing effects that older sites benefit from, even though it is still new.


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