5 Best SEO Tools for Beginners and Expert

1 Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google analytics  Is the Best and free web analysis tool developed by google.

Google Analytics gives huge data which helps you understand your website performance. so your can act accordingly to boost your Ranking.

This Tools has tons of Features, one who can explore Google analytics can do better SEO job.It allows you to see how users landing on your site.

There are mainly four channels by which they come.

  • First is organic means search engine traffic.
  • Second is direct means the users who type your web URL in the search bar over the web browser. They do not come from the google.
  • Third is referral means the users who come to your site by another domain.
  • Fourth is social means social media traffic such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc.

How can Google analytics help you?

  • You can check real-time data about users on your website. ( No of active Users, users location, Browsing Page and so on)
  • Set a goal for specific web page
  • Track button click events.
  • You can check your AdWords Status
  • Medium/Sources by which users come to your website
  • Device category of the user (i.e Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
  • Demographic report (i.e User age, gender)
  • User behavior after visiting the website

Google Analytics offers a free tool for online front-end website analysis called as page analytics. Basically, it is an add-on, extension which you can add to your Chrome browser.

2 Google Search Console

google search console

Even if you’re not headstrong on SEO, whatever the size of your site or blog, Google’s laudable Search Console (formerly Webmaster Central) and the myriad user-friendly tools under its bonnet should be your first port of call.

The suite of tools gives you valuable information about your site at a glance: it can assess your site’s performance and observe potential problems to troubleshoot (like negative spammy links), help you ensure your site is Google-friendly and monitor Google’s indexing of your site.

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor and maintain your site’s presence in Google Search results.

In the September 08, 2018 Google was introduced a new edition of Google search console which will show 16 months of web analytics data.

Also, Google search console appears in the club of free SEO tools!

What can you access through Google webmaster (Search console)?

  • You can check search analytics of your site (i.e By which query and on which page user lands)
  • Internal links to the website
  • It shows crawl errors such as 404, soft 404 etc
  • You can use fetch as Google tool to immediately inform google bots about your content
  • You can add/test robots.txt and sitemaps
  • Rich card error report (if you are used rich snippet then you can access this report)
  • Add data highlighter (i.e for your upcoming events, articles etc)
  • Metadata error report
  • If you have included AMP pages then search console will show you AMP status report
  • International Targeting (You can target specific country for your website)
  • Indexation status report (Check here how many pages Google indexed)

Google search console allows testing tools such as Structured Data Testing ToolStructured Data Markup HelperEmail Markup Tester for make improvement of your site’s ranking.

3 MozBar

The MozBar is a free toolbar created to make Search Engine Optimization simpler. Not only can this tool save you a lot of precious time, it also gives you valuable and actionable insights that help inform your Search Engine Optimization decisions. This blog will take you through the top-level features and type of critical information you can gather from this toolbar to research your own site, as well as competitors’ websites. To start- start downloading the MozBar Google Chrome Extension.

The MozBar button sits right up in your browser toolbar. MozBar Helps you to know different important data about e website you’re visiting.

  • Ranking of the Google search result
  • Specific Page Authority- The SEO score that forecasts how well a specific page will rank on Google search engines based on numerous factors
  • Website/ Domain Authority- The score that tells you how well your own website, as a whole, will rank on search engines result page based on a number of critical factors
  • In-depth Information and Link Analysis: This will take you to the Moz website for more deep information about the link on a specific page or website.

The toolbar has three main categories of data — Page Elements, Page Attributes, and Link Data.

  • Page Elements displays the nuts-and-bolts of onpage SEO. There’s a lot of information accessible at a glance. You can see the various tags — title, description, H1s, etc.
  • Page attributes shows some below-the-surface onsite optimization features, such as robots, rel=”canonical” and load time. Additionally, you can find out on-page link data.
  • The Link Data tab has ranking factors and more information on a site’s links. Complete information is available only with a paid subscription.

Mozbar is a very Powerful tool that helps you to analyze competitors website and act upon the result of analysis

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin is a free SEO tool which is A word-press plugin. It assist you with on page Optimization of webpage. The premium has much more features.

It allows you to add meta titles, descriptions, index/no-index to pages and other backend settings important for SEO.

In addition to SEO for blog content, Yoast has a number of settings that make it easy to share posts and pages on social media. You can set metadata to optimize the content you share on each platform, including the type of content, canonical page URL, image and more.

This way, you can make sure your content will have an appealing look and a formatted description when it’s translated to social media. You can improve engagement on your content marketing posts and pages using these customization features.

Yoast SEO Plugin Social Share Settings

Note: The plugin also allows you to enable rich content such as Twitter Cards and Facebook in free version .


5 SEO With Google Trends

The is another free SEO tools from Goolge.

The filters in Google Trends can help you target the topics of interest to your audience.

Start with the geographical region of your customers. The default is worldwide so change this to the area where you will see trends for just one of your target locations.

Some trends do come and go, but there are some that stick around for a while. To get an idea of what trends are more likely to last days, months, or even years, change the time selection filter.

The category filter will help you hone in on your industry or topics your audience cares about the most.

Google Trends is one of the most underutilized tools made available by the search engine giant. This is a shame since it holds amazing power in helping you boost your site’s rankings on search engine results pages. The cherry on top is that it’s completely free.

So, let’s get into how to use Google Trends effectively to boost your SEO.


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