How to Boost or increase Your Domain Authority

Before you do anything about increasing Your Domain Authority DA, you need to understand what elements affect DA.

When you have high DA score, you will be likely to increase the odds of your website ranking higher in search engines.

High domain authority sites do not happen overnight. You need a great strategy and patience. Trust me; I have been there.

Before we dive into how to improve domain authority o how to increase Your Domain Authority, let’s understand.

Why does Domain Authority matter?

In the past, SEOs and web users relied on Google PageRank to determine the trustworthiness of a page or site. Using a scale of 0-10, pages were rated based largely on link number and quality. Established sites with many links from high-ranking sites would receive higher PageRank, whereas newer sites with fewer links would receive a lower rating.

Unfortunately, Google no longer gives public access to PageRank ratings. While they do use PageRank as part of their internal algorithms, these ratings are no longer available to assist users and SEOs.

While Domain Authority doesn’t exactly replace PageRank, it does give us a way to evaluate the strength of a site in the search engines. In particular, it gives us a way to measure the link profile of a site, and to answer the question: “How strong are this page’s links in terms of helping them rank for queries in”

So how to increase domain authority of a website?

Use Link Earning To Boost Trust but always go for quality link

Start Increasing DA today with reliable links.

Many of you are probably thinking, “Why not link building?”

Some key ways you can earn high-quality links to your site include:

  • Ensuring your local business is listed in directories like Google My BusinessYelpTripAdvisor and the Better Business Bureau.
  • Instead of using link building, I use a much more effective and safer method –Natural link earning. Regularly guest posting on popular sites in your niche. This is beneficial for SEO, for getting referral traffic, and for establishing yourself as an expert in your field, content marketing is the solution to many problems, including boosting your domain authority. when you write unique and quality content, people will find your article helpful and link you on their website.
  • Finding broken links on other sites and requesting that those links be replaced with ones to your site.
  • Using a reverse image search tool to find occurrences of other sites using your images. Rather than asking them to remove the images, request that they include a link back to your site.


Publish Quality Blog Posts Consistently to increase Your Domain Authority

I would hate to say this, but I must say – many of you have overlooked this. A key to build domain authority is quality content published on a consistent basis.

Imagine this, if I am posting a blog post today, then I stop publishing and continue posting another blog post two months later. What will you think of my website as a reader? Will you still come back? Well, nope.

Even Google would not like it because it is not helping the readers. Google aims to find the best content that answers the user’s queries. If your website does not serve the purpose, Google would not be ranking your site.

So if you would like to get rank fast on google, you have to keep your target audience in mind and write content that provides users information and answers.

Write Unique Content Linkable Content

People typically link to content because they find the content useful, entertaining, unique, insightful or valuable.

Another important aspect of link-worthiness worth remembering (that doesn’t necessarily pertain to content format or type) is site, brand and publisher reputation.

Google uses links as a signal of trust in their algorithm because people tend to link to trusted authorities online. Authoritative sites also typically have larger audiences and visibility, making it easier to acquire links. If your site is relatively unknown, you may need to devise a strategy to tap into someone else’s audience to aid your link development efforts.

With that being said, some content formats are more linkable than others, lending themselves more easily to citation, reference and endorsement. ]

You can publish case studies that you have analyzed for months and let readers know about your findings.

This type of content is original, and they would not be able to get it anywhere else because the data comes from your website. Readers love this kind of exclusive content! Here are some tips on writing high-quality content.

If you do not have many case studies, you can also keep up with Google Trends to find out the current hottest topics. Look at what the readers are following today. Then write a relevant blog post about it.

This will help to prove your authority and how well you keep up with the industry. You may also consider guest blogging, which I will get into later.

Do not forget, writing content is not enough, you need to promote your content. Content is king!


Remove Bad Backlinks To Your Site to increase domain authority

Before removing bad link you must identify bad links, Broken links can bring harm to your website, resulting in lower page authority.

There are two ways to remove them.

  1. First, you can contact the owner of the website to fix the link. If you did not get any response from them,
  2. you could disavow them. You will gain a considerable advantage in domain authority once you cleaned your link profile

So you should check all your links again and again and make sure to delete those broken or inactive links. Performing an SEO audit now and then will help to keep track of your website SEO.

Do not use black hat techniques such as buying potential toxic links. If Google caught you doing this, all of your efforts for boosting domain authority would be wasted. Stick to quality backlink building techniques.


Stay Active On Social Media

I believe we all know how important social media is in this century. You can never underestimate the power of social media; every news passes on super fast on social media.

With an estimated number of having 2.95 billion online users by 2020, sharing your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ will help to get your referral traffic. Besides, you can also get connected with your readers and build relationships with people in the same industry.

If you do not know where or how to start, you can start by joining active groups that are related to your niche. Then simply share your blog posts with them.

There are many groups out there that you can join. Even for the online marketing niche alone, I have already joined more than 50 groups on Facebook, Quora, Reddit,  and Google+.

You would be surprised with the results once you start to be active on social media! I have made many valuable relationships with my readers and other influencers.

Keep Calm And Be Patient

After analyzing domain authority for almost a year, I realized that we all should be patient when it comes to boosting our web authority. Generally speaking, the older the domain is, the higher the authority.

Yes, domain age plays key factor according.

Many beginners leave their website to die because they do not have the patience. They think that starting a website to earn money is easy, but they are wrong. It requires patience to build your site and be recognized by Google.

Don’t worry if your site is only one or two months old. As you publish more high-quality content, you will see the improvement over time.

Allow Time For Your Domain Authority Ranking To Grow

In my opinion, the key to improving domain authority is to have quality backlinks pointing to valuable content. If you are new to this, don’t panic. There’s still plenty of room for improvement.  Start by applying these 11 easy ways to increase your domain authority.

I often have readers asking me why are their sites not making any improvements even after they have made the changes. Now that you are already at the end of this blog post, I believe you understand very well on the reason why.

Remember, domain authority does not move overnight. It takes time and patience to improve your DA score.

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