Meta Description Best Practice

What is a meta description?

A snippet of information that is shown below the title of webpages in google search are meta description.
The objective of meta description is to highlight the content of pages to searcher. So that convince searcher and attract them to click on link

Before we go to learn more about meta description, if you’re still confused of what it looks a meta description looks like, here’s the the images of Meta description.


Meta Description Best Practice :


  • Use action-oriented language.

Action oriented Language make searcher to click on your website’s link and on your website. The words in meta descriptions with verbs like “Learn,” “Discover,” or “Grab,” etc attract them towards your link. But make sure you have used words that match with your content. Use of unreative words in meta description might help you to get traffic but not genuine one.

  • Be unique, interesting and Provide a solution or benefit.

If your description normal and have no unique test, you can’t expect to have more click. Meta description is what searche sees before your content.

Only interesting meta description make searcher feel to click on link but along with that provide solution to searcher as well Write a short sentence previewing the content or telling the searcher why they should read your post.

Give them a clear benefit of clicking through and reading your post, if necessary. This is your chance to sell them on what you have to offer — informative, valuable content.

Think like you are searcher and answer the question.

Is this meta description is better enough to answer my question ?

So, as a searcher if you are convenience with your meta description. You work is done !!!

  • Use your keywords

You have your content targeted for keywords and you have Used in content so hard to rank them on google.
You know what ?
Keywords on meta description hit harder to rank than in content Because nothing signals to Google sooner than your metadata what your page is about.
Google highlights keywords in meta description in google search result, that proofs that keywords in meta description helps to boost your rank.

What if you have long keywords ?
You have long keywords and sometimes it’s not possible to group all words together. So you can used those words with some distance .

  • Know the Pixel limit not characters limit

Generally, a meta description should be under 155 characters. This is misconception and very few people practices real limitation of meta description i.e Pixel.
Google actually doesn’t measure by characters — it measures by pixels. That is, it’ll cut off a meta description after a certain pixel width. So as a part of  Meta Description best practice limit your pixel to right number.

According to different experiment, it was found that :

  • Research the average meta description length that’s shown in your market. Our research has shown that this differs per Google version (e.g. US, UK and NL).
  • Stick to the old meta description length: 70 – 155 characters (430 – 920 px) for all pages that don’t rank for many informational queries.
  • For pages that do rank for many information queries, experiment with a longer meta description up to 320 characters (1820 px).
  • If you’re getting a lot of mobile traffic, then we recommend writing shorter meta descriptions. Stick to a meta description length of 60 – 120 characters (350 – 700 px).
  • In general, apply the 80-20 rule. 20% of your pages will likely get 80% of the traffic, so focus on getting your meta descriptions right on those 20% of the pages first.
  • Don’t deceive searchers and Make it specific and relevant.

Don’t try to attract searcher using sammy description that talks more about the reality of content is different. If your meta description deceives the reader with content not relevant to what they should expect, be prepared for the searcher to hit that ‘Back’ button again. And you know it’s unhealthy for SEO

  • Test, Monitor & Adapt

It’s not sure that your meta description is best one. You might be ranking good on search page but you are not able to generate traffic. That might be due to bad meta description.

You can take experiment. Change meta description and watch out how your CTR goes. If CTR doesn’t improve Try another description until and unless you get healthy CTR.
Don’t be afraid to experiment a little to see what works best for your website and industry. If one of the aforementioned tips does wonders for you, try doing more of it for other pages on your site.


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